art de canning

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Art de Canning is an event conceptualised by me and my team, consisting of Amanda, Cheryl and Tasha, for a school brief. However, the branding portion of the project was done individually.

A little introduction to Art de Canning – it is an annual art festival held at Fort Canning Park that aims to represent local artists and educate the public on the growing art scene in Singapore as well as provide Fort Canning Park exposure by creating an event that merges the beauty of art and nature.

They aim to be an established art event known internationally for pioneering a new wave of Southeast Asian art and giving regional artists an outlet to showcase their work to the world in order to help them develop and grow within a supportive community.

Art de Canning is an imaginative event that allows people to explore Fort Canning Park and discover art pieces among the green foliage. It gives off a simple honest vibe with no frills or hidden agendas and aims to be a wholesome experience for families, teenagers and art enthusiasts alike.

The recurring shape that makes up the logo is a reference to the memorable shape of the gates and entrances found at Fort Canning Park. This shape, named the Gate, can be used to create repetitive patterns to be used in marketing collateral as well as combined in different orientations to create iconography for event signage.

The primary colour is a dark ruby red that was specifically chosen to give off a bold modern appearance and would do well to stand out among the greens and browns at Fort Canning Park.