light & lines

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Joyce Lau _1_FotorgrainJoyce Lau and Zherrine Chan (2)_Fotor_grain

Light & Lines is a two-seater bench that my partner, Zherrine, and I conceptualised and built for a school project over the course of 7 weeks.

The concept that we decided on for this bench was minimalism and visual lightness.

We were required to build this without utilising any form of glue or fasteners, only relying on different types of wood joints to assemble this piece of furniture. So, our main struggle was trying to keep the intended aesthetic without compromising the strength of the material.

In order to achieve this, we had to go through a lot of trial and error as well as physical foam prototypes so that we could find just the right balance between practicality and aesthetic. Besides that, we also had to take into consideration things like wood grain and the type of joints used so as to ensure that our bench could support the weight of a full-grown man.