hair do 21

[ b r a n d i n g ]

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Hair Do 21 is a well-established hair salon located in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

The client requested for a logo that was simple and clean and provided some reference photos as inspiration. After much communication, the logo design above was thus created based on the key words as well as the client’s suggestions.

The client also asked for a new namecard design and wanted it to have a vintage look. In order to accomplish this, I decided to use a rusty brown colour to give off a rather old-school aesthetic. I made the background colours of the front and the back of the card different so as to create a contrast.

Besides that, I illustrated a simple border that framed both the front and the back so as to match the clean lines of the logo itself. The typeface used for the information at the back of the card is the same as the logo’s so that there was cohesion as well as prevented the namecard from looking messy and distracting with the presence of too many different typefaces.