my personal namecard

[ g r a p h i c    d e s i g n ]


Designing my own namecard was a real rollercoaster ride as I really wanted it to embody who I am as a person and as a designer as well. So, after many iterations and personal reflection, this is the final design.

I chose to do a nature-inspired design because of my love for the great outdoors. There are different variations of foliage at the back of each namecard as I didn’t want each card to be exactly the same for each person. Makes things a little more interesting.

The crescent moon on the other side represents my connections to that particular celestial body. My middle name’s Diana, who happens to be the Roman goddess of the moon as well as nature. And my horoscope is Cancer, who is ruled by the moon.

Lastly, I decided on a black and white colour scheme to give it an elegant yet edgy feel, which I think are words that describe me quite well. Also, black is undoubtedly my favourite colour of all time and I love working with it very much.